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Anxiety, depression and body aches are very common and can contribute to less contentment. I am here to provide a unique experience to help allow contentment and wellness through massage therapy, energy healing and spiritual advisory.

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My chosen name is Yoshi and I have been working with humans' physical, emotional and spiritual bodies for 11 years.  I started this labor of love with massage therapy and then ventured into studying and practicing various subtle energy healing modalities.

I am an Usui & Sechem-Seckiem Reiki master, chakra balancer, aura clearer, Akashic Records Reader, and certified in cognitive behavior therapy.. When I work with humans, I strive to create an individualized healing experience. This entails me "emptying" myself of my emotions and thoughts regularly to get the most accurate and selfless experience for those I work with. 

When practicing massage therapy, first we chat about what may be going on physically. I may also inquire about the current emotional landscape, sleep patterns and any goals for the session. Once on the table, I put focus into the troubled areas that may have been mentioned while monitoring breathing. Generally I always start off with a lighter pressure and gradually increase as the uppermost tissue softens. While I specialize in deep tissue, I have learned that when we have hyper localized areas of tension, applying a 360 view to the body, internally and externally can have varying effects to releasing/relieving the tension. I enjoy building a level of depth when it comes to your body care needs, as such, “forcing” areas to release in one session is not what I advise or recommend. Being as life in itself can be very hard, I don't believe that the body should be punished with unnecessary pressure too fast or too soon. With this, I have a very slow, deep and intuitive process. 

My approach to working with the akashic records is to hold a safe non judgemental container for support and guidance to come into the space, The session itself takes place like a conversation with your Akashic Records open. Each session varies, but a shift into a higher consciousness takes place via the pathway prayer process and the vibratory frequency of the words given in the session.

When I am working with reiki energy, I apply the teaching learned through my reiki lineage and studies of the human energy centers (or chakra), to be a conduit for the universal, anti-dogmatic energy that is reiki. I work with the internal and external energy field of the human vessel to observe and allow the frequency to go where it needs to go. I also "maintain a container" during the session to allow heart-space and higher messages/imagery to come in. 

Torch carrying, light bearer casting light in the dark and for others to find me. My morals and values lie with “to have a depth with understanding and acceptance of self allows a greater capacity to understand and accept others”.

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60 min $125

90 min $165

An Akashic Record reading is having access to your soul's entire life, past, present and future. Here, you can ask questions by communicating directly with your Masters Teachers and Loved Ones of your Akashic Records with me as your channel. 

Book this session if:

- You are seeking guidance about your souls past present and/or future.

-Want to explore dynamics between you and your friends, family and/or lovers, present or deceased 

-Looking to gain insight on your gifts and how to apply them to your soul purpose and life mission

You will receive healing energy similarly to reiki during this reading, clearing stagnant energy from your energy centers. 
 This service takes place via video chat on Google Meet or by phone call

Palm Massage


60 min $125

90 min $165

The purpose of this massage is not to "force" deep pressure into areas of tension, but to increase the amount of relaxation, celebration, and joy in the body parts that already have a positive inclination. In turn, this quality becomes proportionately larger throughout the body. The body parts that are more frozen become affected by this new warmth and then release. 

Warm towels, warm stones, aromatherapy, passive stretching and cupping massage are a few modalities that can be incorporated to elevate the session. With a range of education on various massage modalities, each massage therapy session is customized to increase brain-body connection.




60 min $125

This session is an energetic scan of the body parts not yet in harmony with the spirit. These parts carry past memories of traumatic events, or conditioning imposed during childhood, or false beliefs absorbed from the cultural surroundings. 

Our body holds memories of everything that you have ever experienced in this lifetime. Likewise, our aura and chakras hold memories of everything that we have felt (physically and emotionally). Together, these systems provide most of the "programs" that operate our life. Sometimes these programs malfunction or are no longer needed and then they can create negative or limiting systems in our life.

As an Usui and Sechem-Seckiem Reiki Master, I work with these energies to encourage a gentle shift in and around your physical, emotional and spiritual body. 

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What They’re Saying

"I just got my records read and the experience was beautifully insightful, laughter evoking and path affirming. I was given practices to focus on, insight into my soul and even shadow work to do."


"I had the most on point Akashic reading from @yoshi_enroe. Transformative info I'm still soaking up."


"I have been thinking about the Akashic reading Yoshi gave me everyday since our session. It was for sure the best intuitive/ message session I've ever had (and I've had a


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"And if I asked you to name all the important things in your life, how long would it take for you to name yourself?"- Unknown

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A collection of meditations and self care practices to help keep you emotionally, mentally and physically aligned

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Connecting with your third eye can produce a very calming sensation. The third eye is actually your pituitary gland that secretes hormones that regulate many bodily functions. It is located in the center of your forehead above your two other eyes. For a moment, look up with your two physical eyes as if you are trying to see your third eye. You may keep your eyes open or closed. You'll feel a slight pressure that feels like swelling or vibration. You may see colors, feel temperature changes, or you may not feel anything at all. Now breathe deeply while still focusing on connecting with your third eye. Your mind may drift away or remain active during this exercise.  Continue to breathe slowly and deeply. After you have experienced the results of this exercise you may release your connection to your third eye. Coming back to the surface, refresh and relax. The more you practice this the easier it is to create a positive connection.


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